Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The boys had a few days of school off so we decided to take a family adventure. I found a cabin on Rock Creek just outside of Red Lodge on vrbo.com. 

Our lovely accomodations. It had 2 bedrooms, a loft, kitchen/dining/living room and a cool bathroom with a vintage mint-green tub/sink/toilet. Here's a link if you're interested. :) Sawyer hopped in the hot tub within 10 seconds of our arrival.
We spent the afternoon at a campground right on Rock Creek. The boys fished, threw rocks in the river, and went squirrel hunting with their bows.
Sawyer hiding in the bear-proof food receptacle.

Smith Squirrel-Hunter Schuyler

Mason Sure-Shot Schuyler.

Gunner Trout-Slayer Schuyler

This one was cracking us up with his rock reclining. He'd sprawl out on several boulders and say, "Ah, this is the life." Or "Dad, you have got to try this. It's like a massage."

Sawts in the hot tub again. 

We only stayed one night but there was adventure enough for everyone. The boys built a dam down by the creek and they found a teepee made of branches and leaves. We ventured into Red Lodge for pizza at Bogart's and the next morning visited the rock shop (boys are really into rocks/minerals/gems right now) and the Candy Emporium, of course.
We would have liked to visit the wildlife sanctuary but Gunner developed a fever and a cough and so we headed home a bit earlier than anticipated.

And here we are today, on our 3rd nebulizer treatment of the day. Boo. Asthma is another kind of adventure...one less pleasant than the others. 

Anyhoo, another adventure on the books for this crazy Schuyler family.


Grammie Perrine said...

You do know how to make adventures! Such fun...(excepting that nebulizer thing...BOO on that)..

Laurie said...

It looks like you have triplets instead of twins and I am so glad that you are picking up on the nickname game that Matt has been playing his entire life. Looks like a great adventure except of course those nebulizer treatments, but it looks like he is sitting for them. We also went to Red Lodge on Sunday with Bill and Barb.

Langston said...

funsies!! You packed a whole lot into one day...way to go Rock Creek Roving Reesie. Still praying complete healing over Gunny.

gailzee said...

R I C H all I can say is R I C H on so many levels!