Monday, October 7, 2013


Sawyer had his first dental appointment today. After G's nap, while the bigs were at school, Me, Sawyer, and Gunner schlepped ourselves to the Dentist's Office. G and I waited in the waiting room while Sawyer bravely and cheerfully followed the hygienist back to the chair. 

Gunner proceeded to take out every single toy, book, magazine, and pamphlet. He also pulled himself up on a chair and sat next to a woman reading a book while she waited to be called back. He tried to grab her phone and book, talking gibberish all the while. He made friends with a young businessman and also grabbed the legs of the young man speaking with the receptionist. In true Gunner style, he never stopped moving, talking, or socializing.

Our dentist, a kind, soft-spoken man, came out to inform me that Sawdog had not one...but 5 cavities. Five! As he graciously laid out the plan to fill the cavities and encouraged me to handle Sawyer's tooth brushing for the next year, Gunner tugged on his pant legs and said, "Up! Up!". I may have giggled.

Despite the bad news, (cavities = $$$) Sawyer was well-behaved and cheery and the hygienist told me that when introduced to the dentist he chirped, "Are you Doc McStuffins?!" More giggling.

Oh, these boys of mine. I love them so, cavities and all. :)


Laurie said...

FIVE cavities? Bummer! I am sure it would be entertaining just to follow you guys around, and sometimes a little embarrassing:) Great job on both blog updates!!!

gailzee said...

This was sooo endearing...I think a video of G would have been excellent!
LOL! Sorry about those five little cavities!

Momica said...

Ah come on who is Doc McStuffins.?Do people look at you funny ever? Those two boys crack me up. Thanks for posting,

ivan koki said...

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Eugenie Velasquez said...

Sawyer is adorable! It's great that he was cheerful on his first visit to the dentist. It could be frustrating for some if their kids get upset while at the dentist, but Sawyer was a trooper. While the cavities could be a problem, hopefully there wouldn't be new ones by the time the next visit rolls along. Take care!

Eugenie Velasquez @ Wynnewood Dental Arts