Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Going forward

Oh my. 
I barely remember how to do this! Blog, that is. 
Let me catch you up on the last 2 months...
I taught my bigs how to sew. We're so PC/progressive. Ha.

Sawyer continues to hone his ninja skills.

 With a new house on the horizon, I am mindful of remembering and documenting the home that we're leaving. This wonderfully cozy, charming home where so much life happened. So, I'm featuring bits and pieces of this old house on the blog. Here is Gunner in his room.

So many moments spent in that rocking chair! So many butts wiped on that changing table/dresser! Good times!
In August, Ma and Pa Myers, Addie & her two littles and me and my littles, hit the road for Coeur d'Alene to visit the Perrines. It rained the whole weekend...we amused ourselves with a trip to the inflatable bounce house, an indoor swimming park, and miscellaneous shenanigans. Lots of awesome cousin time. There were 15 of us all under the Perrine's roof and we all still love each it was a good trip. :)
Sawdog turned 4 mid-August. Matt was on a backpacking trip so Addie braved the pizza place with me to celebrate.
The pizza place has old-school arcade games. Five dollars worth of quarters buys this mama a moment of peace with a beer and a {hot} piece of pizza. I pretended not to notice that my toddler was cruising up and down the skee ball lane. I may have even exclaimed, "Who's child is that?" Or "Where is that boy's mother?!"

Four-year-old Power Ranger...with attitude.

We celebrated his birthday again with friends at the park.
This handsome boy is quickly gaining on his older brothers in height and weighs nearly the same. Due to his stature and ninja skills, we're enrolling him in hockey this fall. Should be interesting.

Matt and his guys quickly turned our mound of dirt into this. Everything is right on schedule and we hope to move in around the first of December. {whoop whoop!}
The monkeys love going to the house/jobsite as much as I do. On this particular visit, Sawyer worked up a sweat and thought shirtless with a gold-medal was the way to go. Love that kid.

This happened. 
He fell off his new Razor scooter and face-planted on our gravel driveway.
Matt started a new, totally rad, bedtime routine wherein he gets the boys washed/brushed/jammied, reads a story from "The Jesus Storybook Bible", and puts them to bed whilst I clean up dinner and make lunches for the following day. All I do is swoop in for hugs, kisses, and prayers. I heart this man.
Hmmm, where is Gunner? 
Oh, he's just hammering nails into some plywood in the backyard. Totally normal for an 18-month-old. Not. He's obviously a genius. Did I mention he can chew gum? ...without swallowing it? {The four-year-old can barely do that. Ahem}
My sweetie killed a black bear with his bow. No, there will not be a bear rug in our new case you were wondering. :)

Papa D and Grammie Laurie came up for a visit. Don't mess with Papa D - he's fierce!

My plan with this here blog is to do less "Let me catch you up on the last two months of our lives" and more "Look what we did TODAY".  It feels less overwhelming to compose shorter posts on a more regular basis. Duh. So, going forward, that's what I'm going to do. 

Here's hoping!


Laurie said...

Here is to more hoping! Great blog!

gailzee said...

Loved all the pics, Reese! We'll take anything anytime! Thank you for taking the time to post! Delightful!

Momica said...

Ok that's a good goal! Love love to see pics of life at the Schuyler home. Thank you Reesie!

Grammie Perrine said...

L O V E looks good on you...oh wait...there were no pictures of you...but it is apparent you are surrounded with the stuff. Cannot believe that Sawyer is FOUR...he looks soooo grown up! And YEAY on the new house by Christmas!

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